Since 1964, LAUP has served as the portal through which Hispanic/Latin@ individuals in Holland are more fully equipped to become active members of the civic community. before LAUP, no single organization provided Hispanics/Latin@s newly arriving in Holland with important information about employment, housing, immigration, translation, and adult education. LAUP’s founding members recognized additional needs in Holland, and were instrumental in the formation of several organizations meeting the needs of Hispanics/Latin@s in the community: Community Action House, Good Samaritan Ministries, the CASA Program, and Upward Bound. LAUP also Established “Fiesta” (originally Cino de Mayo,) a two-day celebration promoting the diversity and rich cultural heritage of the Hispanic/Latin@ cultures in our midst.


The mission of LAUP is to advocate for and facilitate the education and social well being of the Latino community, and to promote communication and cooperation with the Holland community for a better quality of life for all.


LAUP’s overall goal is to empower Latinos to be full participants in the life of the larger community. To accomplish this, LAUP offers three kinds of programs and services: youth programs, adult programs, and general services.

LAUP’s Unique Role

icon_strategyIn 2006, Michigan Future Inc. released a report in which 4 area Chambers of Commerce formed a coalition to enhance business development and success. The name of the report is  “Strategies for a Culturally Competent Region”. It emphasized that diversity is now part of our culture and is key in business strategy and development. The report also recognizes that there is much to gain from the richness of a multi-cultural community. Another key finding of a report from the West Michigan Strategic Alliance indicates that our area needs to prepare for a more educated workforce so we will be able to fill a variety of highly skilled jobs. Such dynamics will support success in our region economically and socially. This is exactly what LAUP seeks to accomplish through our Steps to Success and Youth Development Programs.

Our Clients

icon_clientsLAUP mainly serves Hispanics/Latin@s, but is open to anyone who needs these services. Challenges facing Latin@s in our community today include language, employment, education, cultural differences, and legalization. Clients that participate are looking to improve their situation and to become full participants in the community life of Holland and the Lakeshore area. This is very important because it gives these families hope for themselves and for their children.

Youth Development

icon_bulbOur Youth Development and Leadership programs build character and leadership in young people, emphasizing the importance of education, creating goals and a vision for their lives, and giving back to their community. Programs include: Annual Hispanic Youth Leadership Conference, Adelante Youth Program, and Mas Adelante Youth Program.

Steps To Success

icon_successThe objective of Steps to Success is to educate adult clients both socially and economically. These objectives are achieved by offering classes that are vital for success in today’s employment and social sectors. The program consists of the following classes:ELL (English Language Learner) and GED Preparation.