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The Digital Literacy class provides beginners with the first course they need to start using a computer. This course is ideal for individuals who are a bit shy about working with a computer or for those who are using a computer for the first time.

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Digital Literacy Class Descriptions

Computer Basics 1: Mouse and Keyboard (Starting class)
You will test drive the mouse and experiment with all the keys on the keyboard. Take the fear out of it and have fun learning the very basics of today’s computers.

Computer Basics 2: Windows Fundamentals
Find out what certain icons are for and how to best use them. Learn to navigate the system to find what you are looking for. Explore the start button menu to make computer life easier.

Internet Basics 1: Learn to use the Web
Discuss your online options, understand how to move around and find new places to click to. Learn the difference between World Wide Web and the Internet and much more.

Internet Basics 2: Google & Search
This course will help you navigate Google and use it to solve real life problems. Explore everything from finding shopping to translations.

Internet 3: Your First email
Create and learn about the basic functions like composing an email or adding contacts to your address book.

Internet 4: More About email
Learn some more features of using email to communicate online by formatting, creating folders, and managing sent and received emails.

Excel 1: Basics
Excel is a spreadsheet program used to organize information or to keep track of your bills. Learn how to set up your own basic spreadsheet, edit, auto-sum, re-size and format.

PowerPoint 1: Slides, Text, Editing
In this hands-on class we will explore the slideshow program. After this class you will be able to create your own slideshow.

Calling all questions
Bring in your questions and concerns from the tech world. The instructor will attempt to answer it all. In this two-hour lecture/discussion we will use the projector to see answers to your questions. So show up with perplexing problems for all of us to share in.

Classes may change.

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